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Voluntary Liquidation of DOVECOR

To DOVECORs Valued Clients

It is with great regret that I hereby advise you that DOVECOR will stop trading at the end of January 2023 (after 44 years)

Unfortunately the difficult economic environment in which we find ourselves has led to the situation where DOVECOR is no longer viable as a business entity and we are forced into a Voluntary Liquidation

I hereby thank DOVECORs trustworthy and loyal staff for their many years of service and for the concerted effort they have all made in an attempt to save DOVECOR. Sadly, it was in vain

Some good news
The good news is that I have made an arrangement with SOUNDCOM to take over the servicing of DOVECORs customers and some of the service staff have agreed to continue their good work under the SOUNDCOM banner

You can mail DOVECORs ex staff as follows
Chris Barnard Chris@SOUNDCOM.co.za (Service and technical)

Sandra Murrell Sandra@SOUNDCOM.co.za (Sales)

Alternatively you can contact SOUNDCOM on 011 839 4451

On behalf of the staff of DOVECOR and myself we thank you for your support over these many years

Yours Sincerely
Colin Weakley


Systems Integrators 

How much will better communications help your Organisation?

We make sure that people can reach each other when they need to. 

We supply : –  

* Public Address Systems so that you can be heard clearly in every nook and cranny of your premises, every room, building, factory and yard.

* Intercom Systems which offer great two-way communication to classrooms and public areas.  

*Conference Systems which let you conduct and record meetings so there is never any dispute about who said what or when.

* Nurse Call Systems so patients and elderly folk can get help with the push of a button 

Of course we also keep your systems working at their best after we have installed them. 

Your needs are unique so we will visit you to assess how you can get the best value when solving the challenges you face.

We will quote you for free and our team are happy to discuss the options you might consider.

Established on 1 March 1979, Dovecor is best described as an Electronic Systems Integrator. Our services include design from specification stage to installation, management and commissioning of turnkey projects with after sales service.DOVECOR’s access to a large range of brand names makes our design precise to clients’ needs and we are not restricted by the use of only one brand. Consequently we boast an impressive and substantial client base.We have always operated from our own premises in Joburg.DOVECOR boasts an unblemished reputation for stability, reliability and concern for the needs of our CLIENTS. This fortunate position has come about because of our ongoing commitment to excellence in service, staff training, business ethics and efficiency. We look forward to being of service to you!

Please browse our website and feel free to contact us via the website or by phone.

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