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Interpretation Systems

We sell and install the following interpretation equipment

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Desk mounted interpreter consoles in a booth

Please note we do not hire out equipment 

Interpretation  consol

Free standing interpreter console with microphone


We sell and install Interpretation Equipment, this equipment aids the interpreter in listening and then interpreting the message to the delegates that need to listen in a different language. Up to twelve languages can be interpreted simultaneously using interpreters and the correct equipment.

This system is often used in conjunction with a Conference system and also PA systems 


Please bear in mind that we do not supply the interpreter, only the equipment to help them. The equipment cannot interpret languages on its own, it requires a trained interpreter to do so.


Interpretation Systems


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layout 1.jpg.opt457x472o0,0s457x472  interpretation

The above diagram shows the layout for a standard interpretation system and can be expanded upon or used as a smaller system as per your requirements.

Normally a speaker would talk into a microphone which goes to the interpreter and out over speakers to the general crowd, but the interpreter would speak into his own microphone in a different language, which would then be sent out to the other people in the crowd that would have headsets on.

These systems can get quite involved and require some planning and thought as to the numbers of people and the costs involved in the equipment required.



For an alternative cost effective interpretation system, the tour guide system can be used for smaller requirements.


Please contact us to help you put together a system according to your needs.


Please call us on 011-839-4531 or click here for a quote or for more information

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