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Nurse Call


 DOVECOR is Registered as an Essential Service Provider

We are working Remotely over Lockdown to assist you with any queries you might have

Our Wireless Nurse Call System can be used as a Temporary or Permanent Solution in COVID-19 Isolation Wards

Easy to Set up and Easy to Use – All Calls are Logged & Recorded on the Nurse Call Station

Installers of Nurse Call Systems since 1979


A Wireless System with the features of a Wired System


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NEW! A Wireless Nurse Call System where the person on duty still has to physically go and switch off the call signal at the point where the call button was pushed



Nurse Call Panel

Main panel

Bed Call/Cancel Unit

Call cancel

Pear Push

Pear push


This new design has the combined features and advantages of both a Wired and Wireless System

 100% Locally Manufactured!

No WiFi or Internet Required!

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Wireless Nurse Call

– A wireless system using remotes for the patient such as one per room and a wall mount water resistant remote button for the bathrooms or they can be used in a variety of ways.


panel                                                     remote pendremote pend

Nurse call station – up 2000 remotes                                                                   Pendant remote


wall button                                                                              nursecall wl rep

Weather proof remote for Bathrooms                                                         Repeater for extra signal range


Both systems have a panel that indicates via a buzzer and or lights that show who has rung. These systems are normally used in Hospitals and Clinics as well as Frail care centres / homes and any other centre where a call system is required such as Guest houses
For more information and pricing please contact us and we can put together a system to meet your requirements


  • Optional Wall mount Remotes or patients must have their own Remotes with them
  • The only cable required is from the Central Receiver to the Receiver’s Antenna
  • No cancel button at the bed but does have a log of all calls made, which can be viewed
  • Approximately 1/3 of the cost of a wired system
  • Minimal labour component. Only the central receiver and it’s antenna need installation
  • If the patient it using a Wall Mount Remote the nurse knows the exact position
  • If the patient is using a mobile remote the patient can be anywhere within range of the Central Receiver and must be found when a call is made
  • Expandable to 3,000 points without extra costs except extra remotes


RETIREMENT VILLAGE / NURSE CALL REFERENCE LIST Some of the establishments at which DOVECOR has installed and / or successfully maintained systems are: – Alberton Council for the Aged – Arbor Village – Benoni Council for the Aged – Caro House – Cosmos Old Age Home – Elandsvlei Old Age Home – Elm Park – Eventide Old Age Home – Fairland Village – Finch Haven Retirement Home – Flamwood Estate, Klerksdorp – German Old Age Home – Golden Harvest Two Retirement Village – Henley River Estate – International SOS – Highveld Gardens, Midrand – Huis Johanna, Utrecht – Jacaranda – Jafta, Alkemade Old Age Home – Joburg Eye Hospital – Maxhaven – Observatory Nursing Home – Ons Huis – Orchid Cottages – Our Parent’s Home – Panorama Estates – Panorama Frail Care – Pembury Lodge, Bryanston – Pembury Plaza, Melrose – Pioneer House – Roodepoort Sentrum vir Bejaardes – Rus ‘n Bietjie, Springs – Sandton Senior Citizens Society, The Village, Bryanston – San Sereno – Solheim Tuiste vir Bejaardes – SANTF (SA Nurse’s Trust Fund) – St Christopher’s Associates, Summerfield Park – The Lodge – The Flower Foundation – Waverly Gardens – Wilgeheuwel – Witfield Park

Please call us on 011-839-4531 or click here for a quote or for more information


These systems are also used together with the school intercom systems to communicate with the patient / guest

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With these systems everything is controlled from the Nurse Call Station therefore everything can be monitored and recorded by the nursing staff


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