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Tour Guide System


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The MTG -100 is an innovative digital wireless tour guide system

that is ultra compact, lightweight and easy to use.


It’s digital design provides crystal – clear audio quality, with secured

and reliable transmission making it insensitive to interference.


The system comprises of the durable, portable receiver or  

transmitter and a storage/ charger carry case.


Receivers have 16 switchable frequencies allowing 4 compatible

systems to be used, ensuring several different tours or groups can

be run at the same venue without interfering with each other.


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Ideal applications include :

Factories, museums, tourist attractions, zoos, cruise ships, buses,

governmental agencies, educational institutions, houses of worship,

courtrooms and medical facilities.

These units can be used anywhere where a person needs to address

a group of people clearly and allowing portability.

We had a client that tested a set in a noisy saw mill and they worked

beyond expectation.

TG units big


tour guide equipment

Tour Guide Systems can also be used for the hard-of-hearing.

Also cuts out background noise so only the Speakers voice is heard.

Assisted listening – Ideal for Churches and Auditoriums


Please call us on 011-839-4531

or click here for a quote or for more information


Interpretation :

These units can be used as an alternative basic interpretation

system as well.


One of our clients is using these with great success on a mine

up in Africa for this very purpose.

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