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White Sound

White sound systems are used to “hide” direct and unabsorbed noise.

White sound systems are essential in open‑plan offices requiring speech privacy !



White sound


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The systems work not by eliminating noise, but by producing a sound of their own that masks speech and distractive noises. In most offices, mechanical systems also produce a masking effect.

White sound systems are simply controlled background noise specifically engineered to suit a particular acoustical environment. Typical white sound systems consist of electronic equipment that generates the masking noise and loudspeakers, located in the ceiling void, that broadcast the noise about the office space.

The masking noise level and spectrum content (frequencies used to make the noise) are specially adjusted to suit the specific requirements of each installation



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White Sound users – AGA, Melrose Arch, Joburg, – ABSA Towers – African Life – Afrox – AMDAHL – Bank of Lisbon Building – Deutsche Morgan Grenfell – Discovery Health – First National Bank, Bank City –  Liberty Life Head Office – Makro – Mutual and Federal Head Office – Standard Bank Head Office – Telkom



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