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Master Station School Intercom operator manual

School Intercom operating Instructions

master st

The Master station has a speaker at the top, a small screen below  and a keypad below that, at the bottom is the microphone ( a small hole on the bottom left of the unit).

The sub station is one of the speakers in a system, mounted up on the wall in the room normally away from the office where the master station is located.

school intercom

A system can have up to 4 Master stations, with the master station, the following can be done :

Any three digit number from 001 to 999 can be dialled. (depending on whether your system has  been set up to use all the available features)

When a three digit number is dialled a beep will be heard and then a “call-tone” will go through to the number dialled (substation), to announce that a call has been made.

The operator will now be able to listen to that classroom and hear someone speak to them.

When the operator wants to speak to the person in the room, the talk button marked as an asterix * on the keypad must be pressed and held down in order to talk, the operator should speak into the microphone located at the bottom of the keypad unit.

Then when the operator wants to listen to the person in the room again, the asterix button should be released.

It is not necessary to pick the unit up, simply speak towards the bottom of the keypad.

When you are finished, terminate the conversation using the hash button   #

There are no beeps when operating the talk button or cancel.

In the room with the sub station the person can simply speak towards the speaker on the wall, due to the size of the room the sound should be clearly heard as long as there is not too much back ground noise.

If the room has a big red button on the substation it can be pressed and this will cause a buzz sound to be heard in the office on the keypad and the room number will be displayed on the screen. The office can then answer the call in one of two ways.

If the system is set up in auto answer mode, it will automatically connect once a button has been pressed and the room will be heard on the key pad.

If the system is not set to auto answer mode, the display will show the number of the room that called, and the operator will then need to call the number in the normal way as per above.


   Slow beep tone                     993 To call a classroom type in a number   eg    012
   Fast beep tone                      994
   Three beep tone                    995 To talk to the classroom press     *
   Activate period tone 1            996
   Activate period tone 2            997 Remember – press to talk, release to listen
   Activate evacuation tone        998
   All call                                      999 To cancel the call press       #


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