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Switch Panel School intercom operator manual

Switch Panel School Intercom operating Instructions

 sw panel

A switch panel has the speaker on the left, the call buttons next and then the switches to the right. The speaker works as the microphone on this system too, so you can speak towards the speaker when making a call.

The sub station is one of the speakers in a system, mounted up on the wall in the room normally away from the office where the switch panel is located.


school intercom


In the room with the sub station the person can simply speak towards the speaker on the wall, due to the size of the room the sound should be clearly heard as long as there is not too much back ground noise.


The switch panels come in different sizes but all work in the same way :

To call the entire school/building on all their sub station speakers, press and hold the all call button down while speaking. When finished simply release the button.

To call an individual room switch on the number then press and hold down the talk button.

When you release the talk button you can listen to the room, allowing for a two way conversation. This can only be done with a single room number.

To call a group of rooms switch on their numbers then press and hold down the talk button. They cannot talk back in group mode.

When you have finished speaking with the room/s press the off button to cancel the connection and return the switches to the off position as well.

 sw pan butt

If the room has a big red button on the substation it can be pressed and this will cause a buzz sound to be heard in the office on the switch panel and the room number will be lit up with a small red light. The office can then answer the call.


Please note this system can have a PA system connected for outside broadcasts too.

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